CrewWatcher Man Overboard System with 2 Beacons

CrewWatcher Man Overboard System with 2 Beacons

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The CrewWatcher Man Overboard System with 2 Beacons is a new smart system that constantly checks that everyone is still aboard using your phone and a beacon. In the event of a man overboard, the app on your phone will automatically sound an alarm within 3 seconds. Once acknowledged on the app, you are provided with portable and easy to use guidance for the rescue of your crew. Requiring no input, this app and device are like a satnav for the rescue!

The beacon easily fits into your lifejacket, or to anywhere else you may wish with its easy to attach string. Use it on your crew, your dog or even important belongings. Under normal use, it lasts 3 years or more, and is easy to link with your smart device. Just set it up once, by holding the beacon against your phone and it will automatically pair with Bluteooth 4.0. Once paired, you can give each beacon a name to be able to see who, or what has fallen overboard. When ready to use, just activate it and watch the app go green and monitor the battery and signal strength in real time meaning you can see if anything goes wrong at a moments notice.

Checking the connection every second, the smart device will be able to advise within 3 seconds if the connection is lost and someone is in the water. The alarm increases in urgency over time, even if your phone is set to silent, until the alarm is acknowledged. Alongside the alarm your phone or tablet will also vibrate and flash the camera strobe light. Once the alarm is confirmed the app takes you through the rescue procedure.

Thirty times faster than AIS, CrewWatcher will guide you back to the point of loss, requiring zero input while remaining portable and the MOB icon always moves relative to your boat. You just steer, get it dead ahead and watch it turn green. Once at the point of loss, CrewWatcher shows your position within the estimated search radius along with the track you've covered. Simultaneously it scans for the beacon’s homing signal. Once the signal is found, a real time position is automatically calculated

The CrewWatcher alarm is automatically activated by detecting water or loss of signal. The water sensor is also smart, distingishing rain or waves from a man overboard event. CrewWatcher beacons transmit at the very limit of what is allowed by the FCC, providing a 200 meter line of sight range. This range is only meant to cover the boat and works together with the mesh network to prevent false alarms when encountering obstacles. From the custom designed audio to the interface, you will be able to tell the systems status at a glance. Green means everything is positive and everything is OK, orange means attention is required and grey means the system is inactive.

The CrewWatcher is a handy new tool that can mean the difference between life and death, and is vital when seconds count.

Please note that this package contains two beacons and the CrewWatch app.

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