DeBond Marine Formula Polyurethane Sikaflex Remover 4oz Pump

DeBond Marine Formula Polyurethane Sikaflex Remover 4oz Pump

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DeBond Marine Formula cleans and removes adhesives and sealants and it REALLY WORKS!

Marine Formula is the only Patented product, specifically designed to break the bonds of polyurethane and silicone adhesives. This handy product will take the headache out of replacing and resealing deck hardware, hatches and thru-hull fittings. DeBond Marine Formula also works extremely well at removing all masking tape, shrink wrap tape, Duct Tape adhesives, vinyl lettering and black rub marks. It will not harm fibreglass, any two part paint systems, or Plexiglas.

  • Removes cured 3M 5200 and other polyurethane adhesives
  • Removes caulks and sealants such as Sika 291i
  • Removes black rub marks
  • Removes liquid nails
  • Cleans graffiti and overspray
  • Cleans adhesive residue
  • Cleans adhesive film from duct and masking tape
  • Easily wipes away excess or spills of sealants and adhesives
  • Safe to use on gelcoat, clear coat, plexiglass, Awlgrip or Imron

Instructions for use

  • For adhesive and caulk removal the surface must be free from dirt, dust, wax and grease. Protect areas that are not to be sprayed, and score the adhesive with a sharp knife. A wedge can be used on larger jobs.
  • For adhesive and caulk removal keep in motion whilst spraying. Two thin applications 5 minutes apart is recommended, rather than one heavy application. Do not allow drips or runs to come into contact with unprotected areas. Isopropyl alcohol and, or soap water will halt the chemical process.
  • For best results the temperature of the can and the surface should be at 18 degrees C.
  • For shrink wrap tape and tape residue always start from the top down. Begin by peeling a corner at the top of the tape and spray a light mist underneath the tape as you lift it off. Do not allow drips or runs to come into contact with unprotected areas. Spray on to a rag and wipe the area for a final clean up. Rinse the area with soap and water.
  • For chewing gum removal apply directly to the chewing gum and allow a few minutes for it to work. Use a stiff brush to loosen it from carpet, or a putty knife and brush for hard surfaces.
4oz pump action spray.

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