International Micron 350 Antifouling 750ml

International Micron 350 Antifouling 750ml

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International Micron 350 is a premium antifouling giving outstanding protection in all conditions for up to 2 years. This formulation provides truer than ever colour matches, whilst the self polishing copolymer technology ensures constant and consistent performance even in the harshest of fouling conditions.

Self polishing action ensures that a fresh, active layer of antifouling is always exposed to the water. This action results in a clean, smooth hull, minimising friction and drag. The movement of the hull through the water gradually wears away the coating, preventing leached layer build-up. This reduces surface preparation prior to re-coating, helping to save time and costs.

  • Internationals best ever self polishing antifouling for even the harshest fouling areas
  • Gives outstanding 24 months protection against fouling in warm and cold waters
  • Self polishing copolymer, or SPC, reduces the build up of paint
  • Suitable for fresh, salt and brackish waters
  • Compatible with International Thinners No 3
  • Practical coverage of 9m squared per litre
  • Recommended 2 coats for 1 season, or 3 coats for 2 seasons
  • Suitable for use on cast iron, GRP, wood, steel and lead, all substrates must be suitably primed
  • Suitable for high speed craft
  • Application by brush or roller

You can read the technical data sheet for this product here.

Please find linked your safety datasheet for black, navy, blue, green, dark grey and red. The safety datasheet contains detailed information for the current formulation of this product such as hazardous ingredients, first aid measures, fire fighting measures, handling and storage.

Please find the Tributyl tin, or TBT, free certificate here. This confirms that the paint system used in this product is compliant with the IMO International Convention Standards.

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