International Perfection Polyurethane Matting Additive 750ml

International Perfection Polyurethane Matting Additive 750ml

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The International Perfection Matting Additive 750ml is a clear solution specially formulated for mixing with International two pack finishes (Perfection) and varnishes (Perfection Varnish) to produce a variety of gloss, satin or matt effect finishes. For interior or exterior use.

This is a matting additive for use above the waterline. Recommended to be used with Thinners No 1. The number of coats required is dependent on the preparation, surface and required finish and can be applied using a brush, roller or by spray application.

To prepare, follow the surface preparation instructions shown on the label of the finish or varnish to which the Matting Additive is being added. Stir both the finish (or varnish) and the Matting Additive well before use. Pour the required quantities of Matting Additive and finish or varnish into a container, and stir well.

For application, as a rough guide, a 50:50 mix will produce a satin effect similar to International Goldspar Satin Varnish. A full flat matt finish may be achieved by mixing a ratio of 25:75, where 75 is Matting Additive. For other application guidance, refer to the application details shown on the label of the finish or varnish to which the Matting Additive is being added.

IMPORTANT The addition of Matting Additive to a finish or varnish will not affect the products application, drying or overcoating characteristics, nor will it affect the durability of the finished surface. When used with an International finish, the addition of Matting Additive will reduce the opacity, or hiding power, of the product, so it is important that the necessary number of coats of unmatted finish has been applied first. As with all types of reducing gloss coatings, the resulting finish will not have the same stay clean properties as a full gloss coating. For detailed product information refer to

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