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Marinestore Chandlers Customer Privacy Statement

This privacy statement applies to all aspects of the Company. We have tried to make it clear and simple to understand.

Protecting your privacy is important to us. We hope the following statement will help you understand how Maldon Chandlery Ltd collects, uses and safeguards the personal information you provide to us on our site and in our shops.

I. Information collected
a) We maintain information such as names, addresses and email addresses for customers who have either registered an account with us or have purchased goods from us.
b) We do not collect any personal information whatsoever from casual visitors unless a newsletter subscription has been requested.

II. Sharing of collected information.
a) We only collect the information required to complete a transaction. We do not use this personal information for anything other than internal use.
b) We may use this information to contact our customers and subscribers to inform them of changes to the web site, special offers and to major product updates. Customer can request their removal from any lists we have.
c) Under no circumstances whatsoever will we disclose personal information other than as required by a duly empowered police officer or officer of the Court.
d) We shall not sell, supply, rent or otherwise disclose any personal information to any person or organisation under any circumstances.

III. What we can and will do at a customers request
a) We will remove all personal information from our server (the customer account information) if requested. This can be verified by the customer by attempting a sign on using the account allocated.
b) We only keep information on transactions as required by legislation and this will be taken off-line and not available, other personal information will be destroyed if requested.
c) We will guarantee not to send any unrequested messages, electronically or by post should the customer so choose.

IV. Contacts
Should you need further information, please email your request

V. Protecting the information on-line
a) Our site is protected using the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for all information transfer
b) No credit card or charge card data is stored on-line or at our premises.
c) Access to personal information within the company is limited on a strictly "Need to know" basis.
d) All internal accounting systems are password protected with very limited access by staff.
e) The website is fully PCI compliant and is tested on a regular basis and certificated.
VI. Use of tracking cookies
a) Cookies are used to control shopping baskets and the checkout process. We do not track behaviour external to our sites.
b) We do not pass any stored information to any other companies
c) We do use Microsoft and Google visit tracking but we do not maintain any cookies for this purpose
d) If you do not agree with our necessary use of cookies please disable the cookie function in your browser. This will restrict your ability to use our sites.


20 Nov 2003
Last update 30th Apr 2018
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